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Furniture Pieces For Your Country Villa

Just like different styles of architecture there are styles of furniture too. we generally choose a house style that suits our lifestyle and our personality, a family of 5 would not choose a two bedroom high-rise apartment and a retired couple would not choose a sprawling 5 bedroom multi-level home. Choosing furniture to complement your home is important to the look and feel of the house. Whilst having very modern furniture in a classic home and vice versa might be a nice juxtaposition, generally the style of the furniture complements the home rather than is at odds with it. Therefore if you own a country villa you’ll install pieces that suit the country location as well as the architecture.

Some of the pieces you might consider for your country villa are:

Hutch Dresser

A classic piece of furniture for this genre, the hutch dresser is a multi-purpose unit that allows for storage of serving items as well as display of favourite crockery. There are a wide range of configurations and sizes, generally they will have cupboards, at least one drawer – usually two, an open space that is used as a servery, and a display section which can be open or have glass doors. Hutch dressers are a versatile furniture piece that comes in many different configurations allowing you to choose a piece that suits you perfectly.

Dining Table and Chairs

Whilst the kitchen is often considered the heart of the home, the place where the family sits down to eat comes a close second. Your local furniture store will have a size, shape and style to suit your home, from economic pine or Asian hardwood that seats four, through to a nine piece solid oak or recycled pine setting that extends when you entertain. A country villa lends itself to solid wood furniture stained to match the other wood in the house.

Bedroom Furniture

A local furniture store will have a wide range of bedroom furniture options, including headboards for your bed, timber frame beds, bedside cabinets, low and tall boys, dressers, mirrors, freestanding wardrobes, and blanket boxes. You’ll be able to choose a timber set that works well with your country villa and yet offers modern furniture functionality such as drawer runners to allow for easy operation.

Occasional Furniture

Once you have a the large pieces of furniture decided for your home, there are any number of smaller pieces that will not only provide additional storage but also offer character touches. Occasional furniture usually serves a functional purpose such as a solid wood towel rail, step stool, kitchen block, wine rack, and storage boxes.

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