Finding Home Furniture Discounts

After you’ve spent most of your life savings on a new home you are then faced with the unenviable task of furnishing your new home with a very tight budget. Unless you have unlimited credit and six-figure bank accounts you will probably want to be thrifty when shopping for home furniture including dining room and living room sets, kitchen islands, outdoor patio chairs and entertainment room bars and game sets. However, finding high quality discount furniture is never easy. Either the quality is too low or the price too high to make for an easy shopping experience but when you know what your budget is, what your criteria are for home décor and where to find affordable furniture you have a much better chance of finding home furniture you will enjoy.

You want your new home to look inviting and comfortable but you also know you don’t have an unlimited budget to spend. Your best bet for getting started is to figure out which rooms are most important in terms of furnishing first. Some rooms you will just have to wait on and those are the rooms you probably won’t be spending a lot of time in for the first few months in a new home. However, the kitchen, living room and bedrooms will be used immediately so when you are figuring out your furniture budget, start with the rooms that make the most sense and worry about the game room, study and outdoor patio for another day.

When you know your furniture budget you can then start to narrow down your selections based on cost. This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style or quality but it does mean you need to be more selective with materials and brand names. Genuine leather isn’t cheap and buying a full living room set that features leather will surely cost you so in some cases you may want to look at a cheaper alternative such as leatherette. Now is a good time to pick out the designs and styles you like and start searching online for discount furniture suppliers who may carry the pieces you are looking for.

As with any product, when you buy in bulk you end up saving in the long run. So, instead of looking for separate tables, chairs and sofas consider shopping entire sets that include all the furnishings you need for full living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. Buying furniture sets is often much cheaper than individually selecting pieces from different collections. It also makes matching furniture much easier since you are buying from one designer’s collection. When you move in to a new home there’s no reason to wait to furnish it. Just keep an eye out for discount furniture that fits your budget and your personal tastes.

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Rustic Kitchen Tables As Home Furniture

Rustic kitchen tables are tables formed from various types of wood with rough and aged surfaces with simple designs. They are not highly polished, but are practical and hardwearing, and can take hard knocks without spoiling the finish, since there is no finish as such.

In bygone days when people lived in log cabins, there were no butcherblock kitchen islands, and most of the food preparation was carried out on the table. The rustic table was frequently the chopping board, preparation area and eating surface, all combined. It was not expected to be a piece of fine furniture, but a functional part of the kitchen that could be scraped and knocked during normal use.

General rustic décor is simple and straightforward with few frills, using natural materials and rough finishes. It is, however, very endearing, probably because it plays on our sentiments for the old days of pioneering and the log cabin. It is coarse, unfinished, but comfortable, and certain elements of the old country style are incorporated in some modern day kitchens. The rustic table is one of them, with old wooden Windsor spindle chairs or ladderback chairs.

Rustic tables are generally of rectangular shape, with a thick unpolished top. The chairs can be hand painted with motifs such as flowers or birds, and the rustic theme can be applied to the rest of the kitchen if desired. Stone tiled floors, lots of ceramics and baskets, and the occasional old oil lamp can set off a large rustic table very well. However, many of the newer ‘rustic’ style tables are provided with a polished top that has to be maintained.

The material of construction in the early days of the American settlers was what was growing around at the time. Hickory, maple, pine, spruce – all were used for the traditional rustic table and the same is true today. Pine, however, is the most popular choice, and also tends to be a lot less expensive than hardwood. Walnut is sometime used, and some of the grain effects obtainable from this wood are very attractive. Also very expensive!

Rustic tables, therefore, are available in many types of wood, and the reason that pine is the most popular is likely due to cost and its ease of working. It is easier to form pine into the shapes require than it is to work hardwoods, and it is hard to beat a good lodge pole pine kitchen table with root ball legs and claw feet. You get them with drawers and breadboards, and they can be finished with a hardwearing varnish to prevent undue damage in use

They tend not to be used as the main chopping and food preparation surface as in bygone days, although there is still no reason why they can not be. Most people, however, use custom kitchen furniture and working areas for these tasks. In fact, just about all of them! The likely reason for that is the cost, as new ‘rustic’ tables can be expensive, particularly hardwood tables, and nobody wants to start chopping and cutting on their expensive new table. I don’t blame them! Wood is becoming an expensive material worldwide at the moment, and it can sometime be difficult for many to find a good rustic table at an affordable price.

Nevertheless, many people still prefer to have their tables made to order to their own design. Many outlets provide this service, although it can be quite expensive. In fact, you really have three options. You can have a rustic table made to your specifications, you can purchase a new table either online or from one of the many stores that retail them, or you can buy an old rustic table either from antiques shops or online. You can use online furniture stores to make your selection of genuine country style rustic tables to view when you visit the showrooms.

You will also get chairs to go with them, but there is no shortage of reasonable priced chairs that go well with wooden tables. There are plenty of spindle and ladderback chairs available both online and offline. You could also use one of the more modern styles of kitchen table chair to provide a contrast between the old and the new.

Whatever choice you decide to make, rustic kitchen tables look good in a rustic setting, but even if your kitchen is not of a rustic design they are functional, traditional and hardwearing. You will never regret your decision in purchasing what will likely become a family heirloom.

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Home Depot Patio Furniture

Home Depot Patio Furniture For Your Deck

Home Depot is the world’s largest name for home improvement specialty retailers, and their home care options extend to indoor and outdoor patio furniture. Home Depot has some of the best national brands and styles of patio furniture for home owners to choose from. Whether it is an outdoor dining set, outdoor seating set, or small space patio furniture, the home improvement store has a variety of styles and brands to match your personal taste and lifestyle.

Two major brand names dominate Home Depot’s collection of patio dining sets – Martha Stewart and Hampton Bay. Offered in their online store, Hampton Bay features ten different styles of patio furniture, while the Martha Stewart collection has seven styles listed.

From the Hampton Bay collection you can choose from the Westbury, Madison, Grand Bank, Fall River Green, Santa Maria, Woodbury, Edington, Millstone, Walnut Creek, and Summerville styles. This collection is emphasized in Home Depot’s patio dining set selection on its website.

A patio furniture ensemble should be flexible enough to accommodate parties of two to nine, and the Hampton Bay collection gives buyers options to choose between three, five, six, seven, and nine piece groupings to meet your large event needs. Chairs are only one of the options you can use to assemble your patio décor. A bistro set, umbrella, club chairs, an Ottoman, and accent tables are a sampling of the total number of available options.

The outdoor seating sets feature Martha Stewart and Hampton Bay, but also in this group are Thomasville, a popular brand name associated with high quality furniture, and RST Outdoor. Patio seating demands quality construction and weather-resistant cushion, two advantages the Martha Stewart brand provides and is the featured collection on Home Depot’s web site.

Martha Stewart presents Charlottetown, Beverly, Cedarvale, Fall River, Marwood, Barnsley, and Westbury in their outdoor seating selection. The Charlottetown collection consists of a coffee table and chairs, available in blue or red seating cushions. The Beverly style offers a coffee table with two end chairs, a middle chair, and a corner chair. Cedarvale, in addition to a coffee table and corner sofa, has a pair of accents to complete the collection. The Fall River set is a contemporary four piece seating set with eight different choices of cushion colors. The Barnsley and Westbury sets feature motion chairs for greater comfort and relaxation.

A selection of small space furniture is highlighted by Hampton Bay and the Blue Star Group. The collection from Home Depot offers a wide variety of quality and construction to appeal to any budget. From sturdy steel frames to a five piece Bistro set made of durable Acacia hardwood, to rust-free cast aluminum frames, there is a style and construction that will fit your small space patio furniture needs.

The Home Depot Patio Furniture collection can be mixed and matched in a variety of colors, styles, and constructions to form a complete set of customized outdoor décor that will make your warm weather relaxing and eventful. They offer free shipping on orders with a minimum purchase.

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